Food industry, government, and contract testing laboratories performing food safety analysis can now benefit from a new portfolio that offers cost-effective, robust, solid-phase extraction solutions to support food safety workflows and meet regulatory requirements across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

The Thermo Scientific QuEChERS product line provides an easy-to-use sample preparation workflow, with sample extraction and cleanup kits that allow for comprehensive pesticide residues extraction to produce cleaner extracts for chromatographic analysis. With pre-weighed, high-quality salts and sorbents, specifically designed to eliminate salt clumping during sample preparation, laboratories will achieve reliable and reproducible results, allowing them to meet regulatory food safety requirements. 

The collection includes 48 new products for Original, Association of Official Analytical Chemists, and European methods that are available in convenient pouches or prefilled tubes, giving users a wide range of choice to find the sample preparation solutions to best suit their needs.

The Thermo Scientific QuEChERS line provides a high level of versatility in a cost-effective manner and can be utilized across various applications within the food safety space, including pesticide residues analysis, veterinary drugs analysis, and mycotoxins analyses. Effective sample preparation is crucial in producing reliable results from liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis, and the QuEChERS portfolio supports the safeguarding of consumer health from potential contaminants.

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