The World Health Organization (WHO) has opened a public consultation on its draft food safety strategy. 

WHO's Technical Advisory Group held two meetings virtually in February and April 2021 to provide input for the WHO's global strategy for food safety 2022–2030. The document will serve as a blueprint for countries to strengthen their food safety systems and promote regional and global cooperation.

The WHO's new document outlines five strategic priorities:

  • Strengthening national food controls
  • Identifying and responding to food safety challenges resulting from global changes and transformations in food systems
  • Increasing the use of food chain information, scientific evidence, and risk assessment in making risk management decisions
  • Strengthening engagement of stakeholders and risk communication
  • Promoting food safety as an essential component in domestic and international food trade

The document also mentions environmental challenges such as climate change, shifts in consumer demand, new business models like e-commerce and food deliveries, and the rise of technologies, including whole-genome sequencing. 

The purpose of opening a public comment period is to reach government officials, civil society and international organizations, research institutions, and interested citizens to ensure the WHO's strategy reflects the experience and needs of the international community. In addition, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is working on a new food safety strategy.

Public comments must be submitted through the online platform, which will be open until June 18, 2021.