Singapore will be introducing a bill on food safety and security later this year to manage new and emerging risks. 

Formed in 2019, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) will introduce the act, to consolidate and strengthen official powers that are currently in several pieces of Singaporean legislation. 

The plans were first introduced by Desmond Tan, minister of state for sustainability and the environment, at the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment's Committee of Supply debates earlier this month.

The new rules will provide better clarity on the regulatory framework for novel foods, including mandatory pre-market safety assessments before approval for sale is granted. In addition, as is currently done for other food items, SFA will inspect and sample novel food products.

Existing requirements will stay in place, such as those that require companies to indicate the true nature of the food on packaging labels and those that help customers make informed choices. 

Currently, food delivery companies are not licensed by the SFA, because they are not involved in food preparation or processing. SFA is looking at whether these companies will need to indicate hygiene and cleanliness information on their platforms.

Source: Food Safety News