Squadle, a technology company that enables multi-unit operators to simplify complex operations and streamline food safety, has announced a series of upgrades to Squadle Checklists™, including full Spanish translation, free COVID-19 upgrades, and an enlarged ZeroTouch™ temperature keyboard for improved visibility and digital food safety. The upgrades make it easier for multi-unit brands and franchise restaurants to use Squadle Checklists to deliver a safer dining experience. 

The new Squadle features include: 

  • Multi-Language Translations —A comprehensive multi-language update enables users to seamlessly toggle between English and Spanish checklists.  
  • Free Checklists Upgrade —New COVID-19 specific safety procedures ensure operators and staff follow strict cleaning, social distancing, and employee health protocols.  
  • Improved ZeroTouch™ Monitoring -- A redesigned temperature monitor and keyboard enables users to quickly and accurately determine that food has reached the recommended temperature, and that staff is following food safety guidelines.   
  • Improved Manager Reporting —Automated reports and real-time alerts provide stakeholders across an entire brand with real-time visibility into individual restaurant compliance, and the ability to stay on top of critical restaurant tasks. 
  • Redesigned Dashboards —More robust reporting categories and user-friendly dashboards, put information at the fingertips of everyone from managers, to store operators, to frontline staff. 

“Squadle Checklists are the backbone of our customer’s daily restaurant operations and safety compliance, and these COVID-19 updates help provide guidance and oversight at this critical time to ensure that food safety, cleanliness, and customer service are impeccable,” said Derek Stangle, vice president of marketing at Squadle. “Squadle also added upgrades such as improved keyboards, dashboards, and reporting, that make the Squadle platform easier to use for all restaurant staff—including a large population of bilingual and Spanish-speaking managers and employees who can now access Squadle in English or Spanish.” 

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