At the upcoming PACK EXPO International, Oct. 14-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Eagle Product Inspection will introduce the next-generation EPX100 for the inspection of packaged goods. During the event, Eagle will demonstrate its latest X-ray system and spotlight other technologies that provide superior contaminant detection and product quality checks. Eagle’s thought leaders, including those featured in the new “Eagle Speaks” Docu-series focusing on innovation, know-how, and performance, will be on hand at Booth S-1721.

Unveiled this year, the EPX100 improves product safety and compliance and allows manufacturers to streamline their systems for greater consistency and reliability. “The EPX100 is designed to be safe, simple and smart for manufacturers, contract packagers and seasonal operators, using less energy and in a compact footprint,” says Kyle Thomas, strategic business unit manager, Eagle Product Inspection, and one of the thought leaders featured in the new “Eagle Speaks” Docu-series. “At a critical control point of the process, the EPX100 can be deployed quickly, efficiently and easily.”

According to Thomas, the EPX100 is suitable for a broad range of product applications across the bakery, confectionery, produce, ready meal, snack food, and personal care industries. It provides superior contaminant detection, finding and automatically rejecting a host of foreign materials, including glass shards, metal fragments, mineral stone, some plastic and rubber compound and calcified bones. The system inspects products in cartons, boxes, plastic containers and pouches, among other formats.

The new EPX100 machine was created for ease of use and low maintenance. Users can access all regular or daily functions from the operator side of the machine. The low-energy X-ray environment doesn’t require extra or extensive radiation shielding and helps manufacturers maximize energy use and cost. The accompanying SimulTask™ 5 operating system, Eagle’s latest image processing and inspection control software, provides greater visibility with an intuitive interface.

In addition to the EPX100, Eagle will demonstrate other advanced inspection systems at PACK EXPO International, including the Eagle Tall PRO XS, which provides 100% inspection for hard-to-find contaminants in cans, bottles and jars, and the Eagle FA3/M, a multi-application X-ray system that performs inline fat measurement and contaminant detection for meat products.

Throughout PACK EXPO International, Eagle’s experts will be on hand to share their insights and advice. The company is also providing opportunities for networking and fun during the show, through a special Speakeasy event to be held every day during the show run from 4:30 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.