Eagle Product Inspection is redefining meat inspection with advanced X-ray technology and fat analysis systems and is demonstrating the benefits of these inline meat and poultry inspection solutions at IPPE 2018. Eagle’s display at IPPE Hall B Booth 4274 features the FA3/M series and the RMI 400.

Eagle’s RMI 400 X-ray inspection machine is specifically designed for the poultry and meat industry. The RMI 400 allows for superior bone and contaminant detection, with a design that meets stringent NAMI standards and a construction that withstands various challenges in meat and poultry settings. Advanced SimulTask™ PRO imaging software inspects for contaminants including bone, stainless steel and aluminum, glass and stone. An innovative infeed and out-feed conveyor reduces the number of surfaces with which products come into contact, thereby lowering sanitation time.

Also, featured at the IPPE 2018 is the FA3/M X-ray series, which uses Eagle’s Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology to discriminate between fat and lean portions of 100% of product throughput, providing Chemical Lean (CL) measurements of all meat products. The FA3 machines inspect for contaminants including calcified bone, glass shards, metal fragments, minerals, stone and some plastics and rubber compounds. Inline product integrity checks are conducted by the FA3 systems as well; in addition to chemical lean measurements and contaminant detection, this system provides protein calculations, moisture calculations and mass measurement.

“In light of today’s global safety standards and consumer demands, we have responded to our customers’ concerns and priorities with advanced inspection technology and versatile, multifunctional applications,” says Christy Draus, marketing manager at Eagle. “We worked closely with poultry companies, for example, to develop the RMI 400 X-ray system for their unique needs. The FA3 series assures safety while also providing quality checks important to processors’ brand reputation and bottom line.”

IPPE attendees can also see X-ray capabilities in action at the FPEC Corp. display at the show (B5217). The Springdale, Ark.-based FPEC will exhibit Eagle’s FA3/M and Pack 400 HC system in their booth.

Don’t miss the innovative X-ray and fat analysis technology at the IPPE. Visit Eaglepi.com to learn more.