The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has put together a new guide to help consumers make informed choices when it comes to raw juice products. The creation of the guide was prompted by increased consumer demand for healthy beverage choices. But FDA says that fresh juices sold at produce stands or health food stores are not always as healthy and beneficial as they may seem.

Talking About Juice Safety: What You Need to Know is a printable, shareable document meant to educate consumers on food safety issues related to buying, making and consuming raw juices. Unpasteurized juices can lead to foodborne illness, particularly when consumed by children, the elderly and those with certain health issues. Raw, untreated juices sold at apple orchards, farmers’ markets, roadside stands, juice bars, and some restaurants do not require warning labels, which makes them a health risk. FDA’s guide can help with deciphering when raw juice products are safe to consume or not.

Download FDA’s guide on raw juice.

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