Jennie-O Turkey Store has announced that it will start using labels that allow consumers to track its whole-bird turkeys to their home farm. 

Cargill Inc. recently announced traceability for its Honeysuckle White turkeys, but only during the holiday season—Jennie-O will allow consumers to track its fresh and frozen birds year-round.

This has been in the making for the past year, with Jennie-O working to make its turkeys traceability, and right now, about 52 farms are included in the program. Most of Jennie-O's turkeys are raised in Wisconsin. 

Once a consumer enters the code listed on a turkey's package at Jennie-O's website, he/she will be taken to a webpage showing the region of the farm, pictures of the family and a quote from the farmer. This program does not include ground turkey, "Oven-Ready" turkey, or any other Jennie-O turkey items (only whole-bird turkeys). 

The company plans on regularly updating the website, as well. The traceability doesn't add any additional costs to the consumers, said Brent Koosmann, director of marketing at Jennie-O.

Source: Star Tribune, 11/8/18, "It's now possible to know down to the farm where your turkey comes from"