Eagle Product Inspection plans to unveil a number of product inspection technologies at this year's PACK EXPO International. Featured launches will include:

Eagle™ RMI3/B and RMI3/C - Superior Contaminant Detection in Harsh Environments - X-ray systems designed to deliver 100% contaminant detection in either packaged or unpackaged bulk products such as raw meat.

Eagle™ FA3/C - Inline Fat Measurement and Contaminant Detection for Packaged Meat - Discerns between fat and lean portions of packaged meat products in cardboard cartons, plastic crates and vacuum-packed frozen blocks to better than +/- 1 Chemical Lean accuracy.

Eagle Easy MAT™ - Operating Software - X-ray operating software with advanced imaging dual energy technology that guarantees detection of contimaninants such as glass shards, rocks, rubber and plastic in products which produce high variations in image density.

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