The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy has announced its 2015 food safety training for the dairy industry. The nonprofit has planned a number of workshops designed to strengthen manufacturing practices with the ultimate goal of protecting consumers.  

This year’s remaining Dairy Plant Food Safety Workshops (schedule below) will provide best practices and practical approaches for pathogen control through short lectures and hands-on small group exercises. Topics will include environmental monitoring, sanitary designs and developing standard sanitation operating procedures.

April 28-29 - Seattle, WA (Hosts: Darigold, Tillamook Creamery Association)
June 2-3 - Baraboo, WI (Hosts: Foremost Farms, Sargento Foods Inc.)
August 11-12 - Green Bay, WI (Hosts: Schreiber Foods, Saputo USA)
October 13-14 - Coopersville, MI (Hosts: Continental Dairy Facilities, Michigan Milk Producers Association)

The dairy industry will have two opportunities to attend a Supplier Food Safety Management Workshop (schedule below). This event is designed to help companies identify, quantify, and mitigate risks from ingredients, packaging, equipment, and services. Attendees will learn how to use a toolkit that assesses supply/suppliers for food safety hazards and will help determine appropriate prevention and mitigation steps.  

May 19-20 - Rosemont, IL
September 22-23 - Rosemont, IL

The Aristan/Farmstead Cheesemaker Food Safety Workshops (schedule below) are planned based on the growing popularity and distribution of artisan cheeses. Since these small operations have unique needs and challenges, the workshops will focus on pathogen control methods, environmental monitoring, preventative controls, sanitation, testing and sanitary design.

September 23 - Carlstadt, NJ (Hosts: American Dairy Association and Dairy and Dairy Council, Inc.)
October 1 - Boise, ID (Host: United Dairymen of Idaho)
November 11 - Green Bay, WI (Host: Saputo, Inc.)

*Additional dates/locations may be added.