Bob Norton, Ph.D. is the chair of the Auburn University Food System Institute’s Food and Water Defense Working Group He is a long-time consultant to the U.S. military as well as federal and state law enforcement agencies. Bob is also a regular contributor to the Food Safety Magazine eDigest.

Soren Rodning, D.V.M., M.Sc., DACT, is an associate professor and extension veterinarian with the Auburn University Department of Animal Sciences and the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Jason Sawyer is an associate professor of meat science with the Department of Animal Sciences at Auburn University.

Alex Tigue is a regional extension agent, Animal Sciences & Forages, Auburn University.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Bob, Soren, Jason, and Alex [25:58] about:

  • Whether or not the food industry could have seen such an event coming
  • The current state of the U.S. food supply and whether or not we'll experience a food shortage
  • The changing relationship between food companies and the public health sector
  • The truth about whether or not COVID-19 can be transmitted from a food facility worker to the food they work so closely with
  • The risks associated with having sick employees in the workplace
  • Converting food products meant for foodservice to other food sectors and the complications that accompany such a change

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Bob Ferguson's Food Safety Insights [17:11]
Bob joins us to discuss his article featured in our April/May 2020 issue:
Analytical Testing in Food Safety Continues to Grow

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News Mentioned in This Episode
Chipotle to Pay $25M Fine for Causing 1,000+ Foodborne Illnesses 2015-2018 [3:12]
U.S. Meat and Poultry Plant Closings [7:38]
NEW: CDC Publishes New Guidance for Meat & Poultry Industry
NEW: CDC Issues Long List of Recommendations to Smithfield Foods Plant Plagued with COVID-19 Infections