Company: Banner Engineering


Sanitation Snapshot: Banner Engineering has introduced a scheduled sanitation solution using highly-visible LED indicators and wired or wireless logic controllers. This Clean Workstation Solution indicates when it is time to perform a cleaning routine in the workplace, high-traffic, or common areas. Sanitation cycle completion is verified by a two-way communication sensor which communicates success and resets the indicators. The data is logged and can be used to provide a compliance report for each cleaning event.

“Common areas such as breakrooms and lounges contain vending machines and beverage appliances as well as seating and surfaces that are used throughout the day by various employees,” said Todd Hanson, senior product line director at Banner Engineering. “Cleaning of these routinely-touched surfaces is often infrequent or only happens when a need is apparent. To help establish or upgrade to an automated sanitation practice, Banner’s solution provides a definitive, scheduled, visual indication that it is time to clean, and then documents that a service is completed,” Hanson added.

The system includes sealed, high-visibility buttons and indicators to eliminate additional areas of contamination. Installation is quick and easy, and controllers and indicators can be either wired or wireless, requiring minimal effort to install and no need to alter infrastructure.

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