Pyure Dynamic Protection® now offers air purification solutions for the food processing industry. Pyure’s solution improves food safety and preserves freshness while removing odors and reducing illness-causing bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses.

Pyure’s air purification solution has demonstrated over 90 percent reductions in microbial loads for food processing. By providing a cleaner, safer environment, Pyure helps boost food processor revenue through enhanced product quality while reducing supplemental cleaning costs and lost productivity.

Pyure’s solution actively treats 100 percent of a facility, treating even hard-to-reach areas. By reducing bacteria, molds, and other pathogens in the air and on surfaces while also breaking down unwelcome chemicals such as ethylene, companies can decrease rot and spoilage, manage ripening and lower recalls and waste in food processing, storage, and distribution.

Pyure technology leverages the science of sunlight to create a highly effective, chemical-free solution. Because they are inspired by nature, Pyure solutions can be safely and continuously operated while spaces are occupied by people, animals, and plants. Pyure’s solutions are easy and cost-effective to install and use, and they integrate seamlessly with existing HVAC systems. The solution uses dynamic measurement controls to actively treat indoor air and surfaces at whatever scale is required, with the highest efficiency.