Heat and Control Inc. has a long-established customer base in Africa, and the new office in in Cape Town, South Africa confirms the company’s commitment to the region and its African customers. In the last five years, Heat and Control has expanded its personnel in Africa by fifty percent, with the company also having a direct presence in Nairobi, Kenya.

Heat and Control designs, manufactures, and supplies equipment solutions for a vast range of food processing operations. Heat and Control South Africa specializes in value-added processing of products such as meat, seafood, poultry, meat alternative products, ready meals, fruits and vegetables, cereals, and pet foods. Heat and Control solutions help customers achieve higher capacity, lower production costs, greater efficiency, and improved product quality.

Heat and Control provides a full range of market-leading equipment solutions, and with the help of strategic industry partners, Ishida, Ceia, Key Technology, and Urschel, the company is ready to support the growing needs of food processers in Africa.

Contact information for the new location is:

Corner Dairy & Weld Street
Stikland, Bellville 7530
South Africa
+27 21 948 5934