Ecolab has launched the new Food Safety and Quality (FSQ) Supervisor, a web-based platform designed exclusively for food and beverage manufacturing, to fill a growing need for a comprehensive solution to gathering and reporting FSQ data.

The Ecolab FSQ Supervisor Platform simplifies food safety and quality for food and beverage manufacturers by turning manual FSQ data collection into proactive issue mitigation and actionable insights. The new outcome-driven platform enables food and beverage manufacturers to use FSQ data to increase sellable product, reduce testing costs, mitigate recall risks, and streamline regulatory compliance.

FSQ Supervisor is a first-of-its-kind technology for the food and beverage market, designed specifically for specific industry needs and built with industry-leading Food Safety expertise. Ecolab is directly addressing the insights needed by various departments and stakeholders within the food and beverage space with the FSQ Supervisor Platform.

FSQ Supervisor arms food and beverage producers with actionable insights to empower data-driven decision-making across the entire food and beverage process, all in one web-based system, featuring:

  • Environmental Monitoring: Records sampling and testing
  • Test Point Management: Automated alerts for compliance with testing standards
  • Interactive Dashboards: Relevant analytics with authorized users
  • Standard Operating Procedures Management: Instructions for critical control points
  • Cleaning Verification: Ensures observance of methods, procedures, and tests
  • Reporting: Automation of internal and audit and quality reporting
  • Floorplan Visibility: An interactive, birds-eye-view of sample points
  • Strong Security: Only authorized users have access to only necessary data and insights.

The modular platform allows users to selectively deploy a phased approach to simplify digital transformation and align with existing workflows.