With the introduction of its PlusClean cleaning nozzle, Alfa Laval delivers 100 percent tank cleaning coverage, up to 80 percent savings in water and cleaning media costs, and zero product contamination. Paired with a top-mounted tank cleaning device, the PlusClean nozzle raises productivity and lowers total cost of ownership.

With its optimized, high-impact spray pattern, the PlusClean delivers 100 percent cleaning coverage in shadow areas that other tank cleaning spray nozzles miss. Installed flush with the tank wall or bottom, the cleaning nozzle has a built-in adjustment function that makes installation easy and operation effective, providing cleaning coverage in shadow areas, such as beneath agitator blades. This ensures thorough tank cleaning.

Perfect for the dairy, food, and beverage, as well as other industries, this innovative cleaning nozzle provides even more efficient cleaning and improves process efficiency and safety, as well as product quality. This translates into higher productivity and increases competitive advantage for those who choose to add the PlusClean to their tank cleaning processes.

The standard Alfa Laval PlusClean is supplied as a media spring-activated cleaning nozzle for hygienic process tank cleaning. A pneumatic-driven version is also available. For sterile and aseptic process tank cleaning, the Alfa Laval PlusClean UltraPure is backed by Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package to ensure full traceability across the entire supply chain.

Alfa Laval | www.alfalaval.com/plusclean