Lone Jespersen is a principal at Cultivate, an organization dedicated to helping food manufacturers globally make safe, great-tasting food through cultural effectiveness. Lone has significant experience with food manufacturing, having previously spent 11 years with Maple Leaf Foods. Following the tragic event in 2008 when Maple Leaf products claimed 23 Canadian lives, Lone lead the execution of the Maple Leaf Foods, food safety strategy, and its operations learning strategy. Lone is a member of the Food Safety Magazine Editorial Advisory Board.

Lone holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Syd Dansk University, Denmark, a Master’s and Ph.D., in food science from the University of Guelph, Canada.

Dr. Jonathan Walsh is the technical applications leader for Europe, Middle East, and Asia at 3M Food Safety, based in the U.K. Jonathan obtained his Ph.D. in Chromogenic media microbiology from the University of Manchester and has over 20 years of working in the industry as a microbiologist. He began his career at LAB M formulating new culture media, and then held roles in other companies developing solutions for rapid microbiology, hygiene monitoring, and pathogen detection. During his last 15 years at 3M, Jonathan has led technical applications, support, and training for 3M Food Safety teams and customers across Europe, Middle East, and Africa. He has a number of scientific publications and has been a key speaker for a range of expert organizations including the World Bank, Global Brand Management organization, and the Food Division of the European Union Group.

Global Food Safety Culture Webinar Series:
The Global Food Safety Culture Series is designed to help you learn about the regional cultures in which your company operates and how to leverage those unique characteristics to improve your food safety outcomes. The series continues to explore five distinct regions: EuropeAustraliaAsiaU.S. and Canada, and Latin America. During five separate webinars, these regional cultures will be explored at a macro level by Lone Jespersen, Ph.D., Cultivate, the impact of these regional cultural differences on food safety will be discussed by 3M Food Safety, and a practical case will be illustrated by a food safety professional at a food company operating in the specific region under study.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Lone and Jonathan [14:17] about:

  • Overview of the Global Food Safety Culture webinar series
  • Utilizing the Erin Meyer Culture Map
  • Exploring food safety by regional attitudes toward authority and decision making
  • Contributions from Dannon, Europe; Bulla Foods, Australia; Monde Nisson, Asia; Dairy Farmers of America, U.S. and Canada; Sigma, Latin America
  • Polling results regarding decision making
  • Technology adoption
  • Adoption vs. adaption
  • Cultural advantages and strengths by region
  • Cultural challenges and weaknesses by region
  • Lessons learned and surprises
  • Five stories of successful change through food safety culture

More than 400 now sick in Salmonella Oranienburg outbreak of unknown origin [3:20]
Foodborne Illness in the U.S. Decreased During Coronavirus Pandemic [8:10]
Poultry Companies Join with Consumer Groups to Demand Updated Poultry Food Safety Standards [10:24]

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