CMX, a provider of cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management Software, and Mojix, a business in item-level intelligence solutions, have announced a strategic partnership for advancing comprehensive end-to-end traceability and food safety, with Mojix launching the first open data access, item-level food traceability platform, and CMX being the first solution provider to integrate with the new platform.

As part of the agreement, CMX will integrate the Mojix ytemTM platform—selected by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as a winner in a recent traceability challenge—with the CMX1 platform, used by brands worldwide. The integration gives CMX customers access to lightning-fast item-level traceability and visibility into inventory and item lifecycle across supply chain partners and retail locations. This further speeds and automates the resolution of product incidents, withdrawals, and recalls managed on the CMX1 platform. 

Mojix’s software as a service-based solution enables the tracing of Key Data Elements and Critical Tracking Events along the supply chain, allowing item-level and lot code traceability when outbreaks of foodborne illness or recalls arise. This level of traceability meets the proposed rule 204 of FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act and facilitates fail-proof quality control via the systematic review of origin, destination, and freshness at each stage of the supply chain.

CMX customers using the integrated solution will also benefit from less food waste and less impact on food costs when executing a recall. Item-level tracking and end-to-end traceability give them precision information on lot code, date, and time stamps for production runs and more, eliminating the need to dispose of or destroy more product than necessary.