Spiroflow’s hygienic, totally enclosed Cableflow tubular cable drag conveyors offer clean-in-place options including wiper discs, air knife purge units, and brush boxes. These in-line hygienic features allow for regular, fast cleaning without tubular conveyor disassembly—minimizing downtime for manufacturers while preventing contamination of the dry bulk foods and powders they process. 

Wiper discs—oversized urethane discs—are attached to and offset the cable and scrape off build-up, dust, and debris as they run through the tube sections. Air knife purge units, inserted at strategic points in the conveying line (e.g. product discharge locations), continually blow compressed air on the cable and disc assembly as they move through the outlet housing. Stationary brush boxes, another in-line option, scrub build-up off conveyor flights as they pass over the brush bristles. 

The clean-in-place options above are just a few of Spiroflow’s most popular clean-in-place options. All Spiroflow tubular drag conveyors are designed to minimize product accumulation and contamination and can come with the option of quick-release connectors to simplify dismantling of the cable and tubing for periodic deep cleanings.

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