The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has opened the Foreign Supplier Verification Programs for Food Importers (FSVP) Records Submission Portal for importers of animal and human food into the U.S. The Portal was established to serve as a dedicated, streamlined way for importers to submit FSVP records electronically to the FDA, if they choose. 

The FDA FSVP, established by the Food Safety Modernization Act, requires importers to perform certain risk-based activities to verify that their foreign suppliers are producing food in accordance with U.S. food safety standards. FDA typically conducts inspections of FSVP records at an importer’s place of business. However, if requested in writing by FDA, the FSVP regulation requires importers to provide FSVP records to the agency electronically or through another means that delivers the records promptly.  

Importers with an active FDA Account ID and password can access the Portal on the FDA’s Unified Registration and Listing System (FURLS) page. An importer without an existing account can create one from the FURLS page. A User Guide for the Portal is available on the FURLS page.

The Portal supports the goals and objectives of the FDA Strategy for the Safety of Imported Food through better records management and more efficient communication between the FSVP importer and the FDA.