NanoGuard Technologies is a food technology company founded in 2014 to improve food safety via airilization technology to eradicate harmful pathogens on food and crops. NanoGuard has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration certifying that the technology is both safe and effective in reducing microbes.

NanoGuard Technologies' proprietary High Voltage Atmospheric Cold Plasma process wipes out and suppresses the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses on the surface of food products, naturally increasing the safety and security of the world's fragile food, feed, and water resources more efficiently than competing technologies.

By minimizing the postharvest losses and increasing food safety through its proprietary pasteurization, NanoGuard helps meet the national priorities of food security and safety in both developed and developing nations. NanoGuard provides a sustainable solution to increase food availability and shelf life, reduce pressure on natural resources, reduce hunger, enhance human and animal health, and improve farmers’ profitability. 

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