Intertek Alchemy has announced its Environmental Responsibility training program. This turnkey solution helps manufacturers build a cohesive culture that is designed to protect the environment, meet regulatory requirements, and increase production efficiency and profit.

Intertek Alchemy’s Environmental Responsibility training program utilizes the company’s award-winning engagement techniques to change behaviors and build a culture of responsibility. The multi-faceted program includes group training for frontline workers, deeper eLearning for facilitators, interactive role plays with objection busters, reinforcement materials, and recognition awards to reward engagement.

Building buy-in ensures employees do the right thing every time. Results are easy to track with the program’s unique ROI calculators. With this program, companies can optimize the effectiveness of their most impactful element of efficiency and sustainability efforts—frontline workers.

“Improving environmental responsibility is one of the most important things manufacturers can do today to increase goodwill among employees, customers, and the community while reducing waste and costs at the same time,” says Mike Grigsby, president of Intertek Alchemy. “We’re extremely proud to offer this industry-leading resource to equip manufacturing leaders and frontline workers with the tools they need to make a difference in the environmental sustainability movement.”

Intertek Alchemy’s Environmental Responsibility program is out-of-the-box ready and is easy to customize. It also includes tools to share the story of environmental initiatives with customers and the community with provided social media and communication templates.

These 12 key topics are covered in the training program:

  1. Environmental Responsibility: Introduction
  2. Environmental Management System: Overview
  3. Stormwater Runoff
  4. Spill Prevention
  5. Hazardous Waste Awareness
  6. Pollution: Air, Water, Noise
  7. Water Conservation
  8. Energy Conservation
  9. Recycling Basics
  10. Waste Reduction
  11. Process Waste Prevention
  12. Everyday Sustainability

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