Sara Mortimer is the vice president of product safety, quality, and regulatory affairs for Land O’Lakes. Over her 30-year career, Sara has worked to ensure the safety and quality of some of the world’s biggest brands—Haagen Daaz, Green Giant, Old El Paso, Nature Valley, and many others.

Sara has co-authored a number of books on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and food safety management. In fact, she contributed to Food Safety Magazine's Food Safety Culture eBook! She's also served on Food Control's editorial board and was a trustee of the Royal Society of Public Health for several years. 

Sara has been a member of the BRC International Advisory Board for over 10 years, and she's a member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association's Executive Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Committee. Most recently, she has helped review the effectiveness of Codex HACCP and Food Hygiene principles.

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In this episode of Food Safety Matters, we speak to Sara about:

  • The purpose of HACCP, and how it should work together as part of a comprehensive food safety management program
  • Critical Control Points vs. prerequisite programs
  • Sara's first experience writing a HACCP plan 30 years ago
  • Useful resources for writing a good HACCP plan
  • The seven principles of HACCP
  • Reasons why companies encounter food safety issues, even with a HAACP plan in place
  • The difficulties that arise when analyzing a food safety plan against varying global/international standards
  • The importance of maintenance as a supplemental HACCP principle
  • How altering a food product's formula (reduced sodium, sugar, etc.) can have massive food safety implications
  • Why the HACCP vs. HARPC debate doesn't really matter
  • HACCP and food safety culture

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