The Parenteral Drug Association’s 13th Annual PDA Global Conference on Pharmaceutical Microbiology will take place October 15-16, 2018 in Bethesda, MD. Interscience will be set up at booth #400. Visitors will have the chance to meet Interscience CEO Emmanuel Jalenques at the conference and learn all about ScanStation.

ScanStation is a revolution for microbiological analyses. It detects and counts colonies as soon as they appear at the beginning of an incubation. It is a real-time revolution providing anticipated results for control quality labs in the agro-food industry, among others. The anticipated results save time and allow earlier release of production batches.

ScanStation is:

  • Fast - colony counting begins at an early stage of the colony development, starting from 8h of incubation
  • Accurate - colonies are detected before clustering or spreading can occur
  • Time-saving - automatic colony counting during incubation for 100 Petri dishes saves time
  • Anticipated results - earlier release of production batches, with plates available for confirmation
  • Powerful, intuitive software - an easy-to-use touchscreen interface for counting and control

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