The U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service (ARS) developed a new neutralizing buffered peptone water (nBPW) solution, replacing currently used BPW, to reduce the effect of potential carryover of antimicrobial interventions used for poultry verification samples (chicken carcass rinse, poultry parts rinse and young turkey swab). The new buffer is safe to use as a rinse (or swab) for poultry carcasses and parts, and it is not necessary to rinse the carcass or parts with potable water following nBPW use. The change, detailed in a Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) notice takes effect today.
The FSIS-requested study was carried out by ARS to determine whether antimicrobial sanitizers might interfere with testing for Salmonella tests. ARS researchers found that sanitizers used on poultry carcasses to reduce pathogens might also cause false-negative results in tests for Salmonella.
FSIS believes the new solution will eliminate any problem of antimicrobial carryover in its Salmonella tests.