Best Sanitizers has announced that it now carries a variety of cleaners, sanitizers and equipment to help support drain cleaning and maintenance program. This new line of industrial cleaners gives food processing plants a variety of options for cleaning and sanitizing drains.

New offerings include foaming units and drain foaming attachments for food plants. The company’s attachments can fit drains from 3.5” to 12”, and dispense chemical foam to fill and clean drains.

There’s also the Alpet® No-Rinse Quat Sanitizer which is a dilutable sanitizer for food contact and non-food contact surfaces. It uses a broad spectrum, dual quat formula for dependable efficacy and can be used as an effective cleaner and sanitizer for drains.

The Trench Drain Foaming Attachment uses brushes to help clean grates and hard to reach areas of the drain. Both attachments can be hooked up to the available 10 or 20 gallon Portable Foaming Unit, which uses compressed air to deliver chemical foam wherever needed.

For small areas, such as facility sinks, the Stopper-Style Sink Drain Foaming Attachment and Dome-Style Sink Drain Foaming Attachment used with the 2-Liter Pump-Up Foamer are ideal for smaller jobs. The introduction of Best Sanitizers’ new line of drain cleaning equipment, chemicals, and accessories allows the company to provide superior hygiene, cleaning and sanitation solutions for processing facilities, helping to prevent cross-contamination in drains.

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