Axios Mobile Assets has announced that the process it developed to sanitize its pallets after each use has obtained Provision of Sanitation and Hygiene Services certification under the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program. Certification was granted following a third-party audit of the sanitization process and facility in Ohio. The certification was awarded to Axios Logistics Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Axios Mobile Assets Corp. Axios is the world’s only pallet pooler to hold SQF certification in this category.

“Becoming the first company with Provision of Sanitation and Hygiene Services certification under the SQF Program is another significant value add for our clients who require or would benefit from a cleaned and sanitized pallet when palletizing their loads,” said Richard MacDonald, President and CEO of Axios Mobile Assets. “Preparation for the SQF audit required us to rigorously confirm the quality of our internal safety procedures and the certification we received as a result should strengthen not only our brand, but those of our customers. From poultry and egg producers looking to protect their businesses against Avian Influenza, to food processors who require ingredients entering their facilities to arrive on sanitized platforms, there are so many potential users of a system featuring this high level of safety certification, both inside and outside of the cold supply chain markets.”

The Ohio plant features an automated washing and sanitization line through which Axios pallets pass after each use or rental. The process ensures that the pallets are protected from outside influence until they arrive at the next farm or other food production facility. Axios has already expanded its washing and sanitization capabilities into the Northeast region and plans to establish additional wash facilities in other parts of the U.S.

The company will seek SQF certification for each location to ensure consistency of biosecurity qualifications across its entire pallet pool.

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