The New AiroGen® Onsite Laboratory Gas Generators offer a safe, easy to use, economical and efficient technology for high purity hydrogen gas, nitrogen gas and ZERO AIR analytical grade laboratory gases on demand – High Purity Hydrogen and Nitrogen Gases where you need them and when you need them without the need for gas cylinders.

Independent Air Treatment Technology (IATT) Onsite Laboratory Gas Generators offer a comprehensive service which includes the selection of the correct Laboratory Gas Generator for your analytical needs together with the compressed air supply and pre-treatment required. Customers can also enjoy turnkey projects which provide you with a ready to use system with minimum disruption to your laboratory services.

The New AiroGen® Range includes: Hydrogen Generators, Nitrogen Generators, Zero Air Generators, Air & Gas Systems, Compressed Air Supply Systems and Compressed Air Treatment. Everything that is needed to generate high purity laboratory gases onsite for all of your analytical applications can be supplied, installed and serviced.

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