The new TaqMan Fast Environmental Master Mix Beads give scientists a freeze-dried PCR enzyme formulation optimized for enhanced real-time PCR performance and improved convenience. Designed to confront substances in samples that are highly inhibitory to PCR, the TaqMan Master Mix works across a wide variety of sample types. The formulation yields accurate results with a broad range of template quantities, down to samples that contain just a single copy of a target, and is ideal for highly multiplexed assays. Because DNA samples can be added directly to the tubes of pre-aliquotted, ready-to-use reagent, the Master Mix beads can reduce preparation time and workflow processes by up to 43 percent. Once initiated, real-time PCR reactions run unassisted in a fast, 40-minute cycle.  

TaqMan Fast Environmental Master Mix Beads are compliance-friendly, with a format option that includes an internal positive control that can be utilized to meet various industry assay guidelines. The beads come packaged in an eight-well strip-tube format, ready to use individually or in a 96-well footprint. 

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