Hamilton’s Laboratory and Sensors Division introduces the new Hamilton Precision Syringe Drive 6 (PSD/6); a compact, full-height pump for precision dispensing of small to large volumes. The Hamilton PSD/6 is the newest full-height syringe pump to join the Hamilton PSD family, and performs all standard liquid handling functions including dispensing, serial dispensing and diluting. The PSD/6 offers the largest range of compatible syringes sizes, and is the most compact full-height pump available. Enhanced flow stability and increased dispense times make it ideal for applications like flow cytometry and micro fluidics. Designed for simple integration, a variety of mounting configurations are possible for a single unit or a daisy chain of up to 16 pumps. With selectable communication protocols and flexible programming options, every detail of the pump’s performance can be adjusted to accommodate even the most challenging applications. The PSD/6 syringe and valve drive movements are optimized to extend the life and time between product maintenance. By manufacturing all the fluid path component in house, Hamilton can ensure the fluid sub system will provide superior performance, even in harsh conditions or under heavy duty cycles. 

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