The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) today released its latest quarterly report on its testing of beef products for horse meat or horse DNA. The report covers 6,069 test results, none of which found horse meat/DNA at or above the one percent (1%) reporting threshold.

The FSA explained, "An extensive program of testing by UK industry and local authorities started in February 2013, at the request of the FSA. These tests were carried out to check that beef products on sale or supplied into the UK food chain were accurately labeled and did not contain horse meat/DNA, following the discovery of horse meat being used as beef in a range of food products sold across Europe."

The UK beef industry has continued identity testing, and the FSA stated that since Feb. 15, 2013, "a total of 38,473 beef results tested for horse meat/DNA have been submitted by industry... Of these, 47 were positive."

The report (191KB pdf) is available for download here. For more information on the FSA's ongoing investigation of horse meat contamination of beef, see the FSA's Horse Meat Investigation Web page.