Techs4Biz has developed a paperless app for food safety inspectors to make sure their inspection meets safety and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) requirements. The mobile app takes away the hassle of lugging around packets of papers, clipboards and heavy equipment like cameras. The paperless app works on a variety of mobile devices (such as iOS and Android tablets and smartphones), and the speed and ease it affords saves all stakeholders time and money.

The new paperless HACCP inspection app addresses the various limitations of conventional paper-based HACCP inspection methods including the laborious paperwork that needs to be manually filled up at every stage of the inspection. Apart from taking a lot of time, entering information in a paper form is not only tedious and error-prone but also confusing, especially when the inspection is being conducted at a new site.

The new app can help food inspectors use their mobile devices to:

  • enter data using pick lists or speech to text
  • take photos using the mobile device’s in-built camera
  • capture electronic signatures
  • get real-time access to reference material such as instructions, previous inspection history, and relevant standards (e.g ISO 22000)
  • send completed reports and images back to the office in real-time
  • automatically generate reports on the spot and send to clients
  • follow up on required corrective actions

Techs4Biz’s paperless HACCP inspection solution has been specifically configured to suit the inspection requirements of any type of food safety program including pest control, food handling, sanitation checks, equipment calibration, personal hygiene and many more.

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