Fill level monitoring is a leap forward in the science of assuring the appropriate amount of product goes into any given container during factory production. It provides a key element in the safe production of food, beverages and pharmaceuticals in the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia. Superior to the other methods that had previously dominated the industry, fill level monitoring can guarantee 100% accuracy in monitoring and inspecting beverage and food packaging.

About Fill Level Inspection
The goal of fill level inspection is to ensure that any metal cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles or composite containers are filled to exactly the correct height. The system also ensures accuracy in the labeled contents in beverage containers, as well as verifying the appropriate headspace in cans of food for heat treatment. The technology calculates the average fill levels for evaluation of filler performance, inspects the minimum-solids levels and checks over/under levels in all liquid products.

Compared to Check-Weighing Inspection
Fill level monitoring is superior to check-weighing inspection in the overwhelming majority of applications. Check weighing is subject to fluctuations in container or content weight and density. Check weighing machines are much larger and bulkier, measuring in at between four and 14 cubic feet, compared to fill level machines, which are only about a single cubic foot.

Fill level monitoring is also much faster, getting through 2,400 containers per minute, unlike check-weighing machines, which can only process between 600 and 800 in the same amount of time. Fill level monitoring is dramatically more accurate, even when changes in shape and weight occur.

Peco | InspX is just one company that provides fill level monitoring services and machinery. The fact that it was a pioneer in the development of the method gives the company the ability to do it faster and cheaper. This is largely through the use of the FillTrac system, which is widely considered to be the best fill level monitoring machine. Once relegated to the slower, clumsier check-weighing system, the efficiency of fill level monitoring is now sweeping the industry.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance manufacturing writer. He covers food, drink and pharmaceutical production. Peco | InspX is one of the leaders and pioneers in the fill level monitoring industry. Located in California’s Silicon Valley, the company also provides vacuum verification, X-ray screening, package and product inspection for a wide range of industries and provides several other services for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.