The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has teamed up with SNV Ghana to launch FAO-Thiaroye--a new fish processing technology to produce healthier fish that meets local and international standards. The official launch took place in December in an effort to boost awareness in Ghana’s fish smoking communities and to give them the tools they need to properly dry and smoke fish. At the moment, Ghana’s smoked fish products are only sold locally because they do not meet strict global standards.

According to Dr. Lamourdia Thiombiano, a representative for the FAO in Ghana, FAO-Thiaroye should reduce the need for wood fuels, ultimately saving forest trees from having to be cut down. Other benefits are directed specifically at small and medium size fisheries to help them to make more money, reduce poverty in their communities and contribute to sustainability goals. Thiombiano expects all of these objectives to be met by working closely with various organizations as well as public and private institutions.