FlexXray announces the opening of a cutting-edge, FDA-registered inspection facility located at 1998 Melissa Lane #140, Aurora, IL 60506. Demand for FlexXray’s unmatched services in the upper midwest region has rapidly increased and grown beyond the capacity of FlexXray’s Elmhurst IL location which closed on May 18, 2020 when this new Aurora facility opened.

This brand new 48,000 square-foot facility, optimized to provide the safest, fastest and most accurate inspection services to food manufacturers across North America, will include x-ray inspection, metal detection, shrink bundling and tap-tone operation lines.

“Since last year when we expanded into Illinois, demand for our services has continued to grow as food manufacturers throughout the US and Canada have realized a strong return on investment. We are delighted to further serve the industry by executing this next step in our growth plan. This new facility significantly increases our number of temperature-controlled inspection lines, expands our workforce by creating jobs in the region, and increases our overall inspection and storage capacity. This facility enables us to immediately service our increased customer demand and positions us well to serve them in the future as the need for our services continues to grow,” said FlexXray CEO, Randy Jesberg.

At full capacity, this new facility will run 24 hours a day with three shifts and will inspect 10 or more truckloads of product each day. The facility’s expanded loading dock and warehouse storage space enables customers to quickly and easily deliver loads for future inspection and have drivers wait while inspection is conducted across multiple inspection lines in FlexXray’s temperature-controlled inspection area.

“We designed and built this inspection facility with quality and food safety at the top of the list in every aspect. Our customers place extreme confidence in us to protect their brand reputations as an extension of their quality programs. We take that seriously and are excited to showcase this new facility option to further deliver the results they have grown to love and expect from FlexXray,” said FlexXray vice president, sales, marketing and customer service, Chris Keith.

During these unprecedented times, FlexXray is dedicated to providing opportunities for partners and employees, creating jobs and offering the best and fastest inspection service possible to their customers. FlexXray is eager to invest in new employees and improve food safety with this additional advanced food inspection facility, designed with food safety in mind from start to finish.