When EvaClean Infection Prevention Solutions introduced PurOne, it was the first disinfectant to be U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) -registered against dry surface biofilm, which, at present, still only a handful of products claim. Now, EPA has approved the updated master label for PurOne to include a soft surface sanitizer claim, shorter dwell times, and an official Candida auris claim, making PurOne among the few products registered as effective against both biofilm and C auris on List P.

Another important upgrade to the new label is considerably faster contact times for over 40 different bacteria, viruses, and fungi, most achieved at lower concentrations. For instance, influenza can be eliminated in just two minutes using 1076 parts per million (ppm) dilution. In addition, PurOne now has an enhanced emerging viral pathogen claim, having proven effective against small non-enveloped pathogens at a lower 2153 ppm concentration.

PurOne also meets the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 13 properties of an ideal disinfectant: broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy, fast acting, not affected by environmental factors, nontoxic to users and patients, surface compatibility, residual effect, easy to use, pleasant odor, economical, soluble, stable, good cleaning properties, and environmentally friendly.

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