Detectamet has announced the appointment of Steve Herd as its Chief Commercial Officer, effective May 9, 2023.

Mr. Herd has a background in customer proposition and product and category management. Internal promotions led to Mr. Herd becoming CEO of a multinational business-to-business electronics company in 2019. Mr. Herd presently will joins Detectamet’s Board of Directors and will take overall responsibility for commercial activity for the business.

Detectamet CEO Sean Smith expressed that, with the company’s ever-increasing market share and customers’ purchasing pattern moving more towards e-commerce transactions, Mr. Herd is an exceptional acquisition to lead Detectamet through a transformative period. Mr. Herd and Mr. Smith will work closely to ensure Detectamet continues to provide a first-class product and service to its global customer base.

Mr. Herd said “It is a great privilege to join Detectamet and lead its customer value proposition. I am excited to play my part in modernizing commercial operations and ensuring Detectamet provides best-in-class customer service to the food industry.” Mr. Herd will work in partnership with food manufacturers to enhance food safety standards and ensure Detectamet is the go-to brand for detectable products.

Detectamet is a metal detectable products manufacturer, with sites in the UK, U.S., Canada, Germany, and Australia, serving food processing facilities in over 100 countries.