News outlets are reporting additional deaths related to Spain’s largest-ever Listeria outbreak.  

Reportedly, three deaths—all elderly consumers—and five miscarriages have now been attributed to Spain’s foodborne outbreak. The total number of confirmed illnesses has topped 200. At least one tourist was infected and hospitalized in France during his travels before returning home to Britain. 

The source of the outbreak, previously described as a meatloaf product produced at pork plant Magrudis, has been further identified as a pork loin product stuffed with garlic and other condiments. The product is known in Spain as “la mecha” or “carne mechada” is usually served in cold, thin slices. Magrudis closed shortly after a widespread recall was announced. Larding needles and an oven cart at the pork plant tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes.

In a press release reportedly released by Magrudis, the company said they are “in a state of shock,” and “couldn’t explain what happened.” Magrudis claims to have been in compliance with all sanitary regulations, with recent lab reports proving negative test results from just days before the product in question was packaged.

Spain’s Health Ministry has said that while the number of confirmed cases appears to be dropping, new cases may continue to be reported.

Original Story: Listeria Outbreak is Spain's Largest Ever 

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