In November 2017, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) officially launched the “Arab Food Safety Scientists (AFSS) Platform”. The AFSS Platform is a web-based portal bringing together food safety scientists of Arab-origin operating within the region and beyond, with the aim of creating a Food Safety Science Community.

The AFSS Platform now acts as a gateway to connect governments, private sector, universities, and science and technology institutions with the Food Safety Science Community. It enables easy access, reach and communication to a pool of food safety scientists across various fields and industries. Moreover, it will be implemented in collaboration with national, regional, and international partners such as the Arab Science and Technology Foundation, the Association of Arab Universities, and the International Life Science Institute, to name a few.

The platform is part of a regional project entitled “Arab Food Safety Initiative for Trade Facilitation”, known as the “SAFE Initiative”, which is a regional initiative led by the League of Arab States and its specialized agencies: the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization and the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development. The initiative is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and implemented by UNIDO. The overall objective of SAFE is to support regional integration and trade facilitation through the harmonization of food safety measures at a regional level.

For food safety scientists, the platform offers many benefits such as:

  • Connecting to other food safety scientists in the Arab region and beyond directly through the platform
  • Showcasing scientific research, skills and expertise in relevant food safety-related areas
  • Getting noticed by a multi-stakeholder audience and have the opportunity to collaborate with them
  • Contributing to the advancement of food safety in the Arab region

Food safety scientists interested in more information can register on the official AFSS Platform website.

Are you a food safety scientist interested in becoming part of the Food Safety Science Community?

Register now by visiting the official AFSS Platform website. Details about the SAFE Initiative can be obtained by emailing