Weber Scientific will be distributing a new polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for finished dairy products, the foodproof yeast and mold quantification test developed by BIOTECON Diagnostics (Potsdam, Germany). Current plate count methods often take a minimum of 5 days to get a result, sometimes longer. As such, an under 4-hour same-day method is a major breakthrough in testing for these micro-organisms that are responsible for significant spoilage and economic losses in the food and dairy industry.

One-hundred percent specificity has been demonstrated with 290 strains representing 260 species with all important phylogenetic groups included. The same level of exclusivity was also demonstrated with 60 strains of nontarget microorganisms typically found in similar ecological niches.

According to Phil Coombs, product specialist, “This test is based on well-established real-time PCR technology. There is a high degree of correlation between conventional methods and PCR. Results are displayed in colony-forming units per gram and only viable organisms are detected.”

Coombs goes on to say, “Initial reaction to this new test has been exceptional. The real cost benefits will be achieved by how much more quickly can product be shipped and how many recalls avoided.”

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