A Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant in Bellerica, MA--located northwest of Boston--was voluntarily and temporarily shut down yesterday after one of its employees tested positive for norovirus.

"As a precautionary measure, it might be good to remain closed for another day. Those are the lines I'm thinking along," says Richard Berube, director of the Bellerica Board of Health.

The local health department was notified of the potential for another outbreak by a local TV station. A health inspector was sent it to confirm reports of sick employees. In addition to the one employee who contracted norovirus, two others are also suspected to have the virus as well. All three employees called into work sick on Tuesday.

All food in the Bellerica location was discarded and the restaurant was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, according to the health department. So far, there have been no reported cases of illness or another foodborne outbreak. Another health inspection was expected to be performed today.

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