Inline Plastics has announced the arrival of the TS5X5 PET square clamshell food container--the newest member of the company’s breakthrough Safe-T-Fresh® line of patented tamper evident products.

This handy container size is the perfect size for single take out servings which has become such a developing need in today’s market. More and more, this trend is growing in supermarkets and C-stores where customers want simple grab-and-go alternatives like sandwiches and desserts. The TS5X5 fulfills those needs and those in between--including snacks, salads, veggies and more.

“This Safe-T-Fresh® clear container is designed to promote more attractive product merchandising that will highlight the quality of its contents”, says Carrie Cline, Inline Plastics product manager. “The perimeter seal design of the container provides increased product shelf life and better protection of its contents.”

“Designed with the merchandiser in mind, this container is made with minimal ribbing that provides a superior view of their product and fosters impulse buying”, says Herb Knutson, Inline Plastics director of marketing, “and developed with an innovative structure, the container allows for secure stacking for effective multi-level viewing.”

All Safe-T-Fresh® containers incorporate a tamper-resistant locking mechanism and a unique patented tear-strip hinge which is removed by the consumer to gain access to the contents of the container. This unique design eliminates the need for shrink bands or wrap-around labels to prevent product tampering, as well as protecting the product better than many types of flexible packaging. Along with the entire Safe-T-Fresh® line, the TS5X5 disposable container is manufactured with 100% recyclable PET, benefiting retailers and processors by providing containers to their customers who desire environmentally responsible packaging.

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