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Attend the Virtual Food Safety Summit: October 19-22, 2020

Attend the Virtual Food Safety Summit: October 19-22, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food Safety Summit will now be a virtual event. 

The below is a letter from Chris Luke, publisher, Food Safety Strategies:

I’d like to provide some details regarding the all new Virtual Food Safety Summit, a remarkable opportunity to enjoy the community, education, and solutions the Food Safety Summit offers in an industry-leading, fully interactive virtual environment!

You’ll be able to watch video presentations on a variety of food safety topics from leading subject matter experts, including our Keynote Address, Back to Basics: Consumer-Focused Food Safety by Will Daniels. These presentations will remain available on demand through April 2021 for later reference!

As always, the community aspect of the Summit is an integral component. Build a profile and connect with your industry peers by shared interests. Join live chats, meeting rooms, message boards, and even connect to your social media channels!

You’ll also be able to explore a virtual exhibit hall where you can interact with our exhibitors and learn about the latest food safety solutions. Don’t forget to check out the virtual library for videos, documents, and other handouts that will be made available by our speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors!

The team at Food Safety Strategies and the Food Safety Summit are thrilled to be able to offer a way to experience the Food Safety Summit safely under present circumstances, and still provide an interactive and exciting way to engage with the community. We think you’ll be pleased with the results as well!

If you haven’t done so already, register today and join us remotely from anywhere in the world this October 19-22, 2020 for the Virtual Food Safety Summit! Hope to see you there!



Chris Luke
Food Safety Strategies

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