Food Safety Summit May 6-9, 2025
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Pest Management that's as Dynamic as your needs.

FSS, Inc. is a 40+ year old family business that specializes in pest management for the food industry. The most recent reboot of our pest management services spawned the most efficient and transparent service model in the industry.

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By implementing the latest in digital technology into our service model, FSS, Inc. has the industry talking and switching! This modern approach to solving pest-related issues capitalizes on the most common problems with static analog pest management programs.

The digital platforms implemented into DynamicIPM allow for an exceptional level of transparency and assurance that devices are setup correctly, online and ready to report any signs of activity at exactly a moment's notice. No more waiting until the technician checks the device and reports the activity, or worse yet, doesn't report the activity. Data is also available at your fingertips. If it's an audit, corporate presentation or just a routine review, all your reporting and data is available 24/7 via our secure portal.

This modern approach to a traditionally analog service model has been a welcome improvement for not only our clients, but also our technicians. By leveraging the efficiency of our program, we are showing clients a better ROI and have created value by converting time spent checking devices to time solving pest issues. Our technicians only check devices that need attention dramatically reducing wear and tear and the mundane act of repeatedly checking empty devices.

To find our more about FSS, Inc., DynamicIPM, products and our other suite of service capabilities, please visit our booth at the conference or our website at


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