Saftea® Ice Tea Urn Liners protect your company and your customers from food borne illnesses deriving from iced tea. Mold and bacteria can build up inside the iced tea urns, and using the Saftea® Liner is the only effective way available to combat the bacteria meanwhile providing safe and clean iced tea for your customers. Using disposable urn liners eliminates unwanted flavors left by a metal decanter or an unsanitary spigot. Decanters need to be emptied often to assure freshness and most importantly to prevent teas from molding. With the Saftea® Liner you can count on freshness, flavor, and safe-to-drink beverages. Cleaning urns and spigots is costly and produces inconsistent results. Disposable urn liners cost less than the expense of properly cleaning urns and spigots. The Saftea® Liner is easy to use and time efficient. The changeover process using the Saftea® liner takes less than one minute compared to an estimated 10 minutes to properly disassemble, clean, and reassemble an urn and spigot.

Using Saftea® Liners ensures a consistent and higher quality taste because the beverages they hold are free of cross-contamination, and flavors from cleaning chemicals. A better tasting product contributes to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

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