Food Safety Summit May 6-9, 2025
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Food Safety Summit

2020 Food Safety Summit: the 5K Food Safety Journey

Adventure awaits you on October 19 at the 2020 Food Safety Summit! Join Joe Stout, Darin Zehr, and others from Commercial Food Sanitation for a fun and educational opening session full of surprises: the 5K Food Safety Journey. Expect a lot of information and hands-on activities in this fast-paced, four-hour long session.

You will begin your interactive journey with approximately 400 other food safety warriors—individuals studied and experienced in regularly making frontline decisions in the food industry. This is a unique opportunity to network and compete with (and against) your food safety colleagues. Once divided into teams, you will take on a fast-moving blend of hands-on exercises and decisions that challenges you to critically think and act in the interest of food safety—and to win! The journey will include incidents, accidents, oversights, and hits and misses.

Try to outcompete other teams on topics including:

  • Allergens
  • Hygienic design
  • Foreign material contamination and risks
  • Pathogen cross contamination
  • Hygienic zoning

Some exercises will focus on cleaning and on hygienic design of both equipment and infrastructure, allowing teams to identify at-risk design points. These are typical harborage points that could be used by Listeria or other non-pathogenic spoilage organisms. Harborage points are commonly known as “sandwich points” which allow biofilms to develop and eventually will slough off microorganisms which could end up in a zone 1 area, contaminating finished product. Learn how hygienic design enables an overall food safe culture.

Your team will include a referee/coach to help you understand the questions and navigate your way through each challenge. Each topic includes activities where teams can win points.

There will be a special award for each team member of three winning teams, but everyone will go home with greater knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions to ensure safe food. Important takeaways also include appropriate tools and methods for Preventive Controls, including cleaning, training, documentation, and a food safe culture. This will be a fun and engaging session where participants can enjoy, learn, and comment on failures that might cause food safety issues. You will better understand the seemingly simple controls and complex requirements for compliance during your interactive journey.

Take advantage of the 2020 Food Safety Summit opening session, meet new food safety colleagues, and work as a team to win the 5K Food Safety Journey award commemorating your commitment and celebrating your success as a food safety leader.


Session Information:

Date/time TBA

Play to Win — The Food Safety 5K Competition

Darin Zehr, General Manager, Commercial Food Sanitation
Richard Brouillette, Food Safety Director, Commercial Food Sanitation
Dan Schmitz, Director of Operations, Commercial Food Sanitation
Joe Stout, President, Commercial Food Sanitation

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