Food Safety Summit May 6-9, 2025
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Food Safety Summit

Podcast: Difficult-to-Inactivate Microorganisms: Challenges and Strategies

Listen now to Session 16 from the 2019 Food Safety Summit

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This session will identify what conditions contribute to making pathogens more difficult to inactivate; and current and emerging best practices for their removal and inactivation.

Presenters: Lee Ann Jaykus, Ph.D., North Carolina State University
Chip Manuel, Ph.D., Diversey
Alvin Lee, Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology

Gain a better understanding of the importance and challenges associated with controlling certain viruses (e.g., norovirus and hepatitis A virus), bacteria (e.g., spore-formers and Listeria monocytogenes) and parasitic protozoa (e.g., Toxoplasma gondii, Cyclospora cayetanensis) that are otherwise recalcitrant to many methods commonly used by the food industry, and conditions (e.g., biofilms, internalization) that promote persistence and resistance.


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