Food Safety Summit May 6-9, 2025
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Food Safety Summit

Food Safety Summit: How to Prepare for, Manage and Survive a High-Profile Food Safety Crisis

Food Safety Summit

This open interactive forum will help prepare the food safety professional on the best practices to survive a high-profile crisis. Panelists, including leaders of industry, will present an unpredictable and unforeseen outbreak scenario involving a typical company, triggering multiple illnesses and deaths, and a resulting food product recall/restaurant shutdown.

During the session, attendees will explore the pragmatic risks facing the entire supply chain, steps companies need to take to prepare themselves for the inevitable crisis situation, how to best decide when to pull the trigger during a crisis, when to shut down or how much to recall, how to push back on regulators when they are making unreasonable demands, how to effectively deal with the Public Relations aspects intertwined with a food safety crisis, and how to resolve the fallout following a crisis, including regulatory scrutiny, civil lawsuits and potential criminal liability. 

Subject matter experts Will Daniels with IEH, Jay Ellingson with KwikTrip, Oscar Garrison with United Egg Producers, Robert McNaney with Padilla, Jim Marsden with Chipotle, and Lone Jespersen, formerly with Maple Leaf, and moderated by Shawn Stevens, Food Industry Counsel will provide added insight based upon their prior experience. Attendees will gain new knowledge from experienced thought leaders in this space.

The panelists will also address how to decide whether to announce a recall/shutdown and when and how to push back on unrealistic agency demands.  They will discuss how once the decision to recall/shutdown has occurred, industry best practices to execute the recall, managing regulator, customer, consumer and media concerns need to be in place. Attendees will hear how to best manage civil and regulatory exposure, consumer and commercial claims, and potential criminal exposure once the recall is executed.

How to Prepare for, Manage and Survive a High-Profile Food Safety Crisis will be held on Tuesday, May 7 from 8:30-11:30 am as an opening standalone session at the Food Safety Summit. During the last 45 minutes panelists will host a Town Hall discussion with audience discussion/recommendations on epic failures, past mistakes, and recommended future strategies.

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