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Tuesday, May 6 | WORKSHOPS


W1: Advancing Food Safety Business Leaders to Drive Results for Maximum Impact

W3: Building Blocks for a Food Safety System

W4: The Life of an Outbreak Investigation - From the First Case Patients to the Courthouse

W5: Using Big Data and AI to Advance Food Safety


Wednesday, May 7 | SESSIONS


S1: HACCP for Safe Food: Not Just the Certificate

S2: Applying the Priciples of Microbiological Process Control and Sanitary Design

S3: Recall Modernization

S4: Women in Food Safety: Be and Stay Unstoppable

S5: How to Utilize the Alliance's Food Safety Culture Toolkit to Create a Positive, Robust Culture

S6: Produce Safety - Changes Underway

S7: Exploration of the Intersection of Cannabis and Food

S8: How to Effectively Collaborate with Regulators

S9: Empowering Sustainability: The Impact of Food Loss and Waste and Feeding the Needy

S10: State Laws, Regulations and Their Impact on Food Production, Manufacturing, Suppy Chain and Retail

S11: Viruses in Foods: Developments over the Last Year

S12: Root Cause Analysis: Putting It To Work For You


Thursday, May 9 | SESSIONS


S13: New Food Delivery and the Impact of E-Commerce

S14: Food Code Adoption/Harmonization

S15: New Era, Old Problems: The Emerging and Re-Emerging Pathogens

S16: The Impact of Climate Change and Sustainability on Food Safety

S17: When a Food Allergen is Your Enemy

S18: Food Safety Culture and Communication: Learn from Industry Leaders How to Leverage Your Strengths

S19: The Future of Food Safety Auditing

S20: Impact of Legacy Facilities and Equipment on Achieving Food Safety

S21: Food Safety Culture: The Journey Continues Presented by FDA and Stop Foodborne Illness



Intertek Alchemy | Engaging & Retaining Employees with On-the-Job Training Technology

SGS | AI - How it Can be Used to Transform Food Safety

Antares Vision Group | How Traceability Technology is Transforming the Food Industry

SafetyChain | Driving Real-Time Visibility into Quality, Production, and Other Critical Processes Through Digital Plant Management

Meritech | Dry Footwear Sanitation in Food Processing

enVista | Pairing Food Traceability with Inventory Visibility

Spartan Chemical Company | CompuClean Sanitation Management System

KTL | Case Study: Leveraging Existing Microsoft® Software to Develop a Robust FSMS

Provision Analytics | How to Achieve Visibility in a Connected Supply Chain

PathSpot | How Data and Technology are Revolutionizing Food Safety

IFC | Leveraging Data-Driven Analysis for Integrated Pest Management and Pathogen Remediation

PLM Fleet | FSMA 204 Preparedness: How to Be a Proactive Leader

Neogen | Managing Risk with Data



bioMérieux, Inc | Elevate your Environmental Monitoring Program with Augmented Diagnostics

TuffWrap | Building Safety and Operational Excellence: Innovative Construction Containment Solutions from TuffWrap Installations

Registrar Corp | FSVP Compliance: Driving Supply Chain Diversity and Transparency for the Food and Beverage Industry

Eagle Protect | Glove Safety Exposed: Solutions for Food Safety Heroes

FSS | Dark Data in Pest Control

Trustwell | Recipe for Success: Technology and Traceability Across Your Supply Chain

LUBRIPLATE Lubricants Company | NSF/H1 Food Machinery Lubricants: Understanding the Basics

Bruker Scientific LLC | Chasing Salmonella and Listeria in Food: Rapid Detection and Strain Discrimination

FlexXray | Using External X-Ray Inspection to Save More Product Impacted by Foreign Material Contamination

CMX1 | How Integrated Technology, Processes, & Data Can Transform Your Food Safety Program

Share-ify | Mythbusting FSMA 204 - Compliance is Easier (and Far Less Expensive) Than You Think!

DNV | How Digital Tools Can Add Value to Your Food Safety Program

WorkForge | The Power of eLearning When Developing a Compliant and Competent Workforce

Antares Vision Group | Lessons Learned From the Implementation of DSCSA and How It Applies to FSMA 204