Food Safety Summit May 6-9, 2025
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Food Safety Summit Press Releases

TEGAM to launch Data Collection Thermometers at Food Safety Summit 2017

Geneva, OH, April 17, 2017 — TEGAM will be displaying their FSMA temperature solution at the 2017 Food Safety Summit. This thermocouple thermometer features wireless technology and data collection. This technology is accurate, cost effective and integrates into almost any existing compliance program. The TEGAM 931A/932A thermometers will be available for an interactive demonstration Wednesday and Thursday. at the Food Safety Summit outside of Chicago.

TEGAM LogoJoin TEGAM Teammates Greg Tolentino and Stephanie Wood on Wednesday, May 10 for a short presentation on integration of paperless temperature data collection systems. Learn about...

  • The challenges presented by the FSMA
  • Implementation hurdles and costs
  • The TEGAM solution
  • Integration into existing FSMA compliance and business systems

Visit TEGAM at the Food Safety Summit 2017 to participate in our thermometer giveaway, try out the 900 series thermometers, and speak with the TEGAM Teammates. 

Want to setup a meeting with TEGAM during the show? Contact our Product Manager, Greg Tolentino at

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